The Last Generation of Doers!

They keep telling us how brilliant they were, and brilliant they are!

We’ve been raised by doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs who started some of the country’s greatest franchises and firms, and top managers and leaders of the corporate world. Who are they? They are the real doers who set the framework of today’s urban life, whether we believe they did a good job or not. They are the generations who are seldom mistaken, and they are the ones judging how always wrong we are… and guess what, they are mostly right! They are the over-achievers who over-expect from their children and always drive them to do their best… Sometimes, they succeed, but other times, competing with their greatness is just lost in the modern world, and they get disappointed, cuz we were always bound to fail… Who are they? They are our folks! 

The thing is, they are great because they lived at a time of greatness, when hard work and dedication and talent actually paid off. They lived at a time when running an errand and moving from one point to another, actually happened in minutes not hours, when parking was the entire street, and red lights were barely noticed. They witnessed war and evolution, and encountered challenges that were true not a re. They had causes that were real, and earned their living from their own decision making and suffering, and were not spoon-fed neither ideas nor cash.. They simply had values, but also nature had their back.. But what about us?

Who are we?? We are the result of over-protective parents who have done everything in their capacity to grant us luxury and security, and guide us to become great successful people. May be “over guide” us in some cases…. In others, just by setting examples and being the brilliant people they are. But who are we? We are merely their extension… Is it our time? Not unless they dedicate their full-time to help us out, not unless they quit their own jobs to allow us to have our own, not unless they share our dreams and push us to follow it at a time when achieving any is almost impossible… Not unless, they want it to be our time… There is no longer room for growth, there is in fact no time in the day.

God bless our parents who made it easier for us and raised us the best they could, and God bless them for their journey and their determination and everything they have done to grant us the lifestyle we are blessed with today… But fact is, we are the generations of luck, the ones who have no chance of upper or lower social mobility, we are who we were born to become, yet our current situation does not allow that to ever change. If we’re filthy rich, chances are we’ll always be unless we waste it all getting wasted; if we’re middle working classes, chances are that yes we will enjoy the privileges our friends do: traveling and fine dining and designer wearing, yet we’ll have to struggle to maintain that, and if we are poor, chances are, our extravagantly hard work will only earn us breaking even and trying to survive without early heart strokes… So hail to our folks who have made us who we are, who have chosen for us the paths we were yet to cross and who will always make us feel inferior to the greatness they’ve endured… We love and are proud of you, but sadly, we don’t promise to grant you the same pride in us as we are merely living in your shadows.

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