We believe advertising is about a natural passion to market things we love and believe in. We do understand that we need to take up campaigns that are away from ur interest list and requires more research, and we embrace the challenge; however, unless we believe in the cause or the values, we don’t accept it.  If we love you, we’ve got your back, if we don’t we will be clear about it!

SODIC’s “Time for A Different View”(TFDV) Campaign

“Time For A Different View”; one of the most successful real estate campaigns that hit Egypt, was initiated by advertising tycoons: Tarek Montasser, Andre Segone, Toufic Tawily, and many other creative and art pillars who worked on the campaign under Mi7 Cairo. 
The campaign highlighted SODIC as the positive part of a neutral or negative environment wherever it contributed… The “SODIC” part of the visual showing the positive difference.. 

The following are some of my contributions for TFDV, while working at Mi7 Cairo Agency:


Print Campaigns for Hardee’s new Cinnamon Rolls, and their infamous chocolate chip cookie, launched mainly in UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. With winter on the doors, the Cinnamon Roll was communicated in a world of warm cinnamon surroundings.